A downloadable game

You are on a delivery job.
You have been doing this for years.
Now is time to get your promotion to be a manager

But first...

You must deliver all the things that other delivery comapnies forgot...

Or indeed, things that others have forgot.

Install instructions

WASD to move, space to jump and E to interact with objects, deliver things and pick up/replace items from your truck.


Memory Delivery Service.rar 11 MB


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Hey! I checked out your game, it was pretty repetitive but decent. Maybe you could add sound effects if you want, and I also had trouble with the movement and the mouse cursor is staying on my screen all the time? Maybe adding sprinting. Idk up to you! 

Overall is was an alright game for me. I hope you don't mind I made a let's play! :)

thanks for the feedback! this is my first 3d game I've made so i wanted to keep the concept relatively small.
press escape to get the cursor off the screen

to be honest i could have added sound effects but i wasn't really bothered :P, might add them in as a post-mortem thing.

to be honest it's quite an overwhelming feeling to see someone do a lets play of my game.
i have had a look at the lets play

it's quite entertaining about how you made fun of the game
and it's also very helpful in terms of what i need to improve on
thanks for reading.