A downloadable game for Windows

Instructions in the main menu of the game.

An entry for the Game maker toolkit game jam.


Gizard.rar 29 MB


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I really like the concept. I think the tutorial in the first screen could use some improvement though, because when I would fire my gun to use it, my gun would trigger it more than once and it made it difficult to read. It was bit hard to use my shield efficiently too which made me stop trying to kill the ranged enemies at all. Great work though!

thanks for the constructive criticism.

regrading the shield though, i agree. the shield can be used to deflect bullets, but it does not work to well in practice.

since the ranged enemies shoot quite a lot, it's better to use the ranged weapons than the bouncing shield. the shield is better used for the non ranged flying enemies and ground enemies. i personalty find the shield quite fun to use because i like the challenge of building up enough speed to charge at the enemy and timing the hit well in order to damage the enemy, the feedback it gives adds to the fun as well.

im considering to create a remake of this game to rectify these problems.