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A few months have passed since the events of "Bounty Hunter" and the main character, Peast, returns home from one of many exiting but stressful days of being a bounty hunter.  Much to his anger, he sees his house in ruins and a strange man who stole his life savings. Without a hitch, the mysterious man runs away and Peast runs after him...

P.S. You don't need to play the 1st game in order to play this one, unless you want to appreciate this one more or get a basic sense of what my "Bounty Hunter" series is like.


Left click- Shoot.
Space - Dash (hold to dash further).
WASD keys - move in 8 directions.


There are not any save points in this game, because it auto-saves once you transition into the next area.

Install instructions

Right-click on the compressed file and click "Extract here" and then click the .exe file and play!


Bounty Hunter II Public Alpha.zip 25 MB
Bounty Hunter 2.zip 40 MB

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